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Why our tiles?

We render all tiles at a tile size of 512 and a scale factor of 2.0. This gives you crisp high resolution tiles.
We provide anglicized place naming in addition to the local naming.

We operate a global network, try out our CDN from anywhere and compare it to any other provider.
Let us know if they are faster we want to win!! We do NOT use AWS, Cloudflare or Fastly.

We are FREE for any user needing < 20,000,000 tiles yearly. That’s a LOT of tiles.

Additional tiles can be purchased in blocks of 5,000,000 for $10 and never expire. No monthly fees.

We are available via http or https, try us out now for free using either of these links.

Please limit usage of these links to < 1000 tiles daily, if you need more register for free

Check out our current map in openlayer;0;0