The 2^24 bug aggg…. and a new planet!

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Good morning fellow lima beans. We’re continuing the work to render the map using our October 2nd planet.osm.pbf file so expect updates to appear starting next week after we QC the data.

We’ve also encountered a bug with the way we find our tiles, to speed things along we don’t use a filesystem to store them. We use a bitmap that points to the logical sector that has the target file. Long story short at 2^24+1 we rolled over a counter. We’ve updated our code but this means we need to re-render again…. Sigh.

Also of note we’ve gotten are hot little hands on a HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) hard disk sample. Fun times. We’ll put it through the ringer here and see if we can break it!

For info on where we’re getting the planet.osm check out

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