Retiring India server, expanding Europe, routing updates

We’ve noticed very little traffic originating from the Indian sub continent and we’ve noticed more than expected from both Europe and Australia. As a response we’re turning down our India based server today and increasing the capacity in Europe. Extra Australian capacity will come if traffic continues to climb.

Secondly we’re re-balancing some of our western Asia routing to bring more traffic to Warsaw and reduce demands on Tokyo.

The more traffic we get the smarter our caching layer gets so keep it coming!

Note: These change will NOT require any configuration changes, we’ve already updated our global DNS and your traffic will automatically migrate to the best possible node.

2 thoughts on “Retiring India server, expanding Europe, routing updates”

    1. Good morning,
      We’re looking at options for new server locations likely after we start billing in January. I haven’t found a colo provider in South America yet one of the locations we’re considering is Equinix RJ2 if we can find a provider there with decent rack pricing and connectivity into Also I’m looking at CoreSite MI1 in Miami that has very quick connectivity to most of South America.

      Our budget at the moment honestly is a shoestring but I’m very happy to watch it grow.

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