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Teasing dynamic API keys

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Good morning mapping folks,
I’d like to introduce something new we’ve been cooking up at Lima Labs, Dynamic API keys.

Currently Lima Labs and most other tile providers provide static API keys that you as a developer need to embed into your app, the problem with this is the keys can be stolen and abused.

The solution?
Our new Dynamic Key service, new keys each day that your client logs into your server!
How does it work?
Lima shares a “secret key” with you. You use this secret key + a date based algorithm and the sha512 hash to generate a list of temporarl API keys that are unique to you and to a particular day.
Each days keys are good for that day and the following 2 days.
Generate as many days into the future as you’d like.
When your apps check in with your server load up the new batch of keys.
Rotate the keys in your app based on the devices time (You have a 3 day window total for each key)

New keys everyday!

PS: No requirement at all that you do use this, static keys are always available but if your interested let us know!

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