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Singapore vs Mumbai upgrades

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Good morning fellow mappers. We here at Lima have been looking at options for South East Asia. Options included expanding either our Mumbai or Singapore pop and a decision on if it makes sense to continue with both.

We had initially (at the beginning of the year) considered growing both in tandem with traffic increasing across the entire region. However we’ve been somewhat disappointed with India’s acceptance of Russian crude oil (Lots of mappers in the Ukraine are hurting) and also with limited connectivity options beyond Tata and Airtel being available to us.

With these limitations we’ve decided to route traffic from India to Singapore and double down on our Singapore capacity. Hopefully in the future Lima makes a return the Indian subcontinent but that is not in the cards for next year.

Singapore will triple in capacity by May of 2023 (We estimate it will be able to serve ~8,000 tiles/sec when complete).

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