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Lima Labs Usage policy:

Do no evil. Seriously we mean it, if in our view your use is evil we will take action.

Every year on the first Saturday in the month of March we will give away free tiles. A “free tile number” will be chosen (currently 20,000,000).
Any accounts with less than this number of free tiles will be bumped up to this number. This will allow most smaller users to have access to our service for free while recouping some revenue from the larger ones to keep the wheels turning.

All payments for tiles are finally, use the free tiles provided to validate our service works.

Commercial use is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!
Attribution must be made to Lima Labs for the maps and Openstreetmap for the map data.
HTTP Referer/User-Agent headers must not be tampered with.

Tiles may be cached in-browser and on-device for a device for offline use.
You may download and cache tiles to your personal device indefinately.
Apps may retain tiles beyond the HTTP Expiry date, until fresh tiles are downloaded if they are out of network connectivity.
Caching proxy servers or other redistribution methods are not permitted without prior written approval.

Bulk downloading is permitted for any area size so long as the tiles are retained for <14 days.
This lets your apps download an area of ANY size you would like.
If you intend to retain them longer an agreement is required prior to bulk downloading.