At the moment we’re in a free beta phase as we shake the bugs out of our system and grow. Our pricing is below if you’d like to secure your API key now and take advantage of our CDN.

Email to signupNumber of tiles MonthlyCustom StyleDedicated IPv6 addressCost
Non-profit community projectTalk to us!YesYesFREE
Hobbyist / Startup< 250,000Talk to usNoFREE
Small development<2,000,000$50 / MonthNo$50.00
Large development<5,000,000$50 / MonthYes$100.00
Small Business<20,000,000$50 / MonthYes$200.00
Large Business<200,000,000includedYes, Globally$300.00
Enterprise>200,000,000includedYesTalk to us!